Friday, 10 February 2012

How To Play Red Alert 2 Lan On Windows 7

This game take 30 seconds to play LAN online. Process goes as this:
1) Install game.
2) Install 1.006 patch.
3) Download and extract wsock32.dll into the red alert 2 folder.
[Highly Recommended] Port Forward UDP 11155 for Tunngle.

Now login to Tunngle, host a game or join a game, and have fun!

Added 9-18-10: I have seen too many requests from legit gamers who are having issues with their games. I have seen people who lost their discs, so they download game rips and gets frustrated. You shouldn't be put into that kind of frustration. Not anymore. Download the torrent file below. This has Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge and both are updated to latest version in addition to the LAN fix. Get it now and play on Tunngle!


11-29-11: Additional notes about the network adapter:

1. Go to options of your game , and in network card option just click drop down and select 00:00:0000

2. Alt tab and allow windows firewall to allow network connetion.

and now you can select network tab and start host or join. This error only comes up first time (as its firewall stuff).
hope this helped!

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