Friday, 3 February 2012

How To Get Rid Of SpyWare and Viruses From Your PC

Ok , we all hate viruses and our pc gets slow from it , so today I waned to teach you a simple solution on how to get rid of spyware and viruses ..
NOTE : don't do this untill you finish reading , because it will require you to shut down your pc!

1. Shut down your pc , and then turn it back on again but this time keep pressing f8 before the boot menu shows up!
2. once the boot menu shows up you will have something like this :

after that show up , scroll down to and select "safe mode with networking"

3. after that it will boot up in safe mode and you will have no background or any desktop items , but you will have the internet , open up your web browser and then go to this website
and click on download for free.
5. once you downloaded it and installed it , now open it and you should have something like this :

choose "preform full scan" and then wait it might take 30 minutes and after that it will show you results.
If there is a virus then it will say something like "show results " and you just select them all and click remove and then restart your computer and your done.

hope this helped you guys comment on it or tell me your problems !

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